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Basic Order of Service Sheets
have colour on one side, no bleeds,
on white stock, photos can be in a faded oval.



is New Zealand owned by

Frank and Patricia Gausden

We can produce a pdf of your Order of Service Sheet
and email it for you to print so distance is no object!

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Next day delivery

Contact us for our prices

Your Order of Service Sheets could be ready for you
to collect in a few hours
after we have received
all the service and
pdf details.

PrintLife® create a
fitting keepsake which generations will
Remember—you don’t
have to accept second rate throw-away Orders of Service Sheets some
might offer.

Our discreet imprint is
your assurance of a genuine PrintLife® creation.

After the funeral, PrintLife® can also produce matching “Thank You” cards and
even additional Life Story pages of Personal History
to add to our unique Personalised Memorial Book.

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Check out our other Orders of Service Sheetsfuneral_orders_of_service.html

If you need information or advice for arranging a funeral you may contact these Funeral Directors who are very willing to help